Like any successful production, whether it be a play put on by the local community theatre group or a Hollywood blockbuster movie, none would have been able to come together without the help of the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Tuan Chau

Chef / Head Instructor


"It's been the best part of my trip."
Dear Hoa Lee & Grain Team,
Thank you for such a wonderful morning yesterday. I enjoyed the class so much! It's been the best part of my trip. I will recommend to my friends back home. You are all so remarkably professional and I had such a fun day. The recipes were wonderful and I can't wait to cook all I learnt from you and experiment having Vietnamese dinner parties with my friends. My best wishes to you all and congratulations on such a fantastic concept in cooking school- it's the best I've ever experienced.
Kind Regards,
~ Caterina Z.
"This was a wonderful experience..."
Dear Luke,
In February and March this year I was on an APT tour of Vietnam and Cambodia which my wife and I enjoyed immensely. On the 2nd of March I was in the first group of APT tourists in your Grain by Luke Cooking School. Along with the other students I thought this was a wonderful experience in an amazingly arranged class room.
…Once again I would like to say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to have participated. Yours sincerely,
~ Don D.
"It was fantastic and a real highlight of my trip."
Hi Luke and all your great team at Grain,
Have now returned from our APT tour and reminiscing of our time in Vietnam and Cambodia. We had a really lovely time, but I just had to pass on to you all how great the cooking class I attended was. Everyone was so helpful and I really enjoyed the course. I couldn't believe my luck that you were really there running the course. It was fantastic and a real highlight of my trip. I am going to attempt to cook the recipes but without your guidance and that of your team it may not be as good. My thanks again, I loved it and hopefully will get to eat at one of your Red Lantern restaurants in Sydney. Did I say one of the highlights, it was THE highlight!
With thanks and kind regards,
~ Di G.
Newcastle, Australia
"...the most popular team building experience, by far..."
The GRAIN cooking class was the most popular team building experience, by far, for the team at LIN Center for Community Development. Walking into the beautiful and well-equipped cooking studio, the team realized we were in for a special treat and everyone put his or her game face on – ready to go! The instructor, full of life and love for cooking, charmed us all with his easy to follow instructions, colorful stories about Vietnamese cuisine and his own personal journey towards Vietnamese cooking and training. Personally, I was thrilled that he focused on healthy ingredients and offered recommended replacements for harmful though locally popular seasonings, such as MSG. The entire team at GRAIN provided top notch service, attending to our needs before we could express them ourselves. The morning was a complete joy and I look forward to repeating the experience with a close group of friends in the very near future.
~ Ms. Dana R. H. Doan,
LIN Founder and Strategic Adviser
"The GRAIN cooking class was so interesting..."
The GRAIN cooking class was so interesting. I am very impressed with their service, such a great instructor and a wonderful space that is like the Vietnamese countryside. The staff were all so friendly, thoughtful and enthusiastic. The instructor was good and funny. The cooking studio is polite and creative. The cooking class was a good chance for our LIN team to learn useful skills for our life and just to feel relaxed. I hope we have more chances like that :)
~ Ms. Quynh Anh,
LIN Project Assistant
"... a happy time and good food..."
This is the first time that I learned to cook and I'm glad it was in GRAIN, which proved to be such a comfortable and nice place. I always though that I did not have enough talent to do cooking, but this morning, when I ate my food, I changed my mind. The cooking class is lovely with all the support from GRAIN team. Thank you for giving us such a happy time and good food.
~ Mr. Pham Truong Son,
LIN Deputy Director
"I have more confidence that I can do it now..."
Cooking is not strange to me. However, cooking without MSG was new and, in reality, I was not confident how to do it though I want to do it for the health of my children. After joining the GRAIN cooking class, I have more confidence that I can do it now that I know how to combine different spices to replace MSG, especially fish sauce. Also, I was really touched by the desire to "bring Vietnamese food culture to the next level" as impressed upon us by the class instructor and how they implement this through daily cooking classes.
~ Ms. Pham Thi Trong,
LIN Office Manager
"It was so fantastic, fun and meaningful..."
Thank you so much for organizing the cooking class today. Before this class, I could not cook well. But afterwards, I learnt a lot of new dishes and cooking skills. I think that maybe I do have a talen in cooking ☺. It was so fantastic, fun and meaningful. I hope LIN team can join more classes like this in the future. One more time, thank you so much!
~ Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi,
LIN Intern (Law Student)
"You reminded us of Vietnam's valuable culture of cuisine..."
GRAIN taught us how to prepare ingredients and cook a dish! It was explicit, but you did it more than a teaching-cooking class. You reminded us of Vietnam's valuable culture of cuisine, transformed my perception of healthy food, and probably changed my cooking routine.
I am quite passionate about Vietnamese culture, including gastronomy, and the harmony between conventional and modern cooking styles for a Vietnam dish. For this reason, the class definitely attracted me. From Yin - Yang and the story of matching different kinds of foods to the combination of western and Vietnamese ingredients. I loved the road you led us to cooking enjoyment and to be more proud of Vietnamese cuisine. Thanks so much!
~ Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tien,
LIN Project Officer
"... a cultural inspiration..."
I would like to send appreciative words to GRAIN for providing me and the LIN team with a chance to join this cooking class, and learn about Luke Nguyen's devotion to reinforcing Vietnamese culture in general, and Vietnam cuisine in particular, and harmonizing it all with the modernization culture. Once again, thank you so much for those three special hours – which were a cultural inspiration.
~ Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tien,
LIN Project Officer
"... so delicious, amazing flavors..."
This is the first time I joined a cooking class. Before I learned to cook only through my mother's cooking. The classroom atmosphere was great. When I first saw it, I thought of the Master Chef competition.
Among the four dishes we were taught, my favorite was the pumpkin flowers stuffed with prawn & dill. It was so delicious, amazing flavors, quite suitable with my palate and so easy to cook with simple ingredients, which are not too expensive. I think I will try to cook this dish for my mother. The teacher was so enthusiastic and funny, I was impressed by the way he used the knife. Besides, I like the professionalism of Grain cooking. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to join this cooking class. I really loved it.
~ Ms. Thuy Tien,
LIN Intern
"... I thought I was incapable of cooking..."
My Mom is always the one who cooks for the family, especially me, either early in the morning when I still sleep or late at night when I come home late after work. Before, I thought I was incapable of cooking because it was so complex and time-consuming. Yesterday when joining the cooking class at Grain, eating food made by myself, of course with the instruction of our teacher and preparation of the Grain team, I believe I can bring a little happiness for my Mom. Thank you very much. I'm wishing you all the best and much success!
~ Ms. Vuong Thao Vy,
LIN Grants Coordinator

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